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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Mangrove Killifish adapt their biology in order to spend weeks at a time living in trees…

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from Jan & Feb 2018

Creative Training

Happiness isn’t being perfect, it’s being okay with who you are.

Write Me uses lyric writing and music making as a means of self exploration.
It can help you to see yourself through fresh eyes, to empower you and revitalise your connection to yourself and the world around you.

You don’t need any musical training; although musicians are welcome. The focus is not on the end result, but on the process which will unearth your own uniquely creative self-expression.

Sanchia Hylton-Smith - Founder of Treefish Training


Treefish Founder

About Treefish

The Treefish partnership was born out of a shared desire to deliver training with heart, energy and commitment. We work internationally and locally, from joint Disability Awareness partnerships between Asia and the UK, to community workshops that give families the skills and inspiration to create their own grassroots projects.

We constantly meet a real need for creative, unique and innovative training: Write Me, our flagship music project, is our response to this need.

It was really enjoyable and the young people had a lot of fun. You bring a lovely positive energy to the work you do.

Lesley Brown, Youth Worker @ The Project

Fun and interesting lyric writing workshop run by two lovely talented people.
Really fun lyric writing evening: creative and lots of laughs.

@ The Project Participants

Very good professional knowledge and expertise. Easy to talk to and you listened! Committed to timescales and met them.

Donald Hudson, Civil Service

It was so nice to see people that don’t normally get involved, get involved and work with new people!

Kerry, Youth Worker

More about Treefish

Getting people to engage with training can be challenging. Write Me overcomes this by not looking like training! Young people are inspired to emulate their chart heroes, older adults can enjoy the nostalgia. Everyone has a musical era and can be brought in to the session through it.

Every element is enjoyable yet beneficial, from literacy through lyrics to the mathematics of rhythm, confidence from performing and the teamwork of playing songs together.

Treefish Creative Training improves assertiveness for individuals, co-operation in teams, creative problem solving, motivation and work satisfaction, leading to improved productivity, engagement and commitment both at work and at home.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our innovative training will work for you, just contact us!

Our experience...

Sanchia, founder of Treefish, has a PGCE with an additional Diploma in teaching literacy.
As well as attending many conferences to remain current in educational development, Sanchia has formal qualifications in Mindfulness, IN8 Tools and Narrative Therapy.
Sanchia is a vocalist performing with various informal groups and runs vocal harmony workshops with older adults and vulnerable groups.

Friends of the Fish

Some people think we’re lovely. Others haven’t met us yet 🙂

We threw a rather oddball project at Treefish with very little time to pull it off. They were amazing – came up with the goods just as required and put time and effort into making sure it ran smoothly and successfully. At all times they were friendly, relaxed and extremely professional. A top team – I would highly recommend them.

Karen Goldby (Jobsiha)

I have always found Sanchia hugely inspirational, insightful and an encouraging partner in the world of getting alongside and supporting people. I highly recommend her to any organisation or individual seeking to improve the way they do things and have fun doing it.

Jane Spain (YMCA)

Very good professional knowledge and expertise. Did not just bucket me in with other clients. Easy to talk to and you listened! Committed to timescales and met them.

Donald Hudson, Civil Service

It was so nice to see people that don’t normally get involved, get involved and work with new people!

Kerry, Youth Worker

Treefish Clients

Exeter City Council
East Devon District Council
Jobisha (Japan)
Careers South West Group
Civil Service Learning

Write Me
Really fun evening lyric writing evening: creative and lots of laughs.

Lesley Brown, Youth Worker @ The Project

I liked it all and it made me feel more confident.

Matt , aged 14, service user The Project

I liked the freedom to write about anything – deep and meaningful or silly.

Jodie 14

I’ve always wanted to know how to write a song – now I do!

Lily 14

Compose Yourself

Write Me is for individuals or groups who wish to develop greater confidence, or expand their social and communication skills in any arena.

The workshops are multi-sensory, innovative and fun and can help you to challenge your barriers to personal growth in a new and exciting way.

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Traditional approaches can put our defences up as we see certain questions coming. Using Write Me’s unconventional, creative approach enables people to attain surprising insights which ‘sneak up on them’ unexpectedly. It also helps teams gel by working on a non-threatening, enjoyable task together.

No technical or musical knowledge or ability is required, as clever apps enable anyone to make great tunes. Participants can take home the music created as a reminder of the course and what they have learned.

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